When there are less than sixty seconds

To get out of home so that you reach school on time, with bag on the shoulders, shoes under feet and ready to step out,

A : school song amma
Me : we have learnt it, you are good to go
A : we had planned to sing it again after taking bath, but we hadn’t
Me : hmmm, that’s okay, you know it already
A : there’s a dictation test amma
Me : we have learnt all the spellings, go now
A : wait, let me spell ‘behind’
Me : go on
A : b-e-h-i-n-d
Me : good, go now
A : is that the only spelling I got wrong yesterday
Me : yes, everything else was correct
A : have you put the dictation notebook in the bag?
Me : yes, go
A : Telugu and maths books?
Me : yes, go now
A : you are supposed to put those books every day
Me : ok, all the books are in as per the time table, go now
A : amma school song
Me : 100 % fine, gooooooooooo now

Is how the conversation goes between us, I wonder why this girl has to get so many doubts only at that point of time when my heart refuses to beat slower as the eyes keep looking at the clock ticking faster 😦

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