Weekend Moments

‘Aha’ Moment:

FIL shows a picture of A’s classmate in FB, whom we all have seen at different times when picking up A from school. But the point is that we just know her name and we have neither talked to her parents so far, nor are aware of their names.The analysis FIL gave us about how he could reach their pictures was, he saw their car’s number while dropping A, got the father’s name from RTA website, and then got their profile from FB. I was simply flabbergasted by his use of the technology 🙂

‘Ayyo’ moment:

V’s office guys had planned a meet at Golconda resorts on Saturday, which was to be attended with families. We were there and all the kids were called upon to the platform in the middle of the event. The kids were of all sizes, some bigger than A and some smaller, and were asked to tell either their mother’s or father’s name followed by their phone number, upon which they would be receiving a goody bag. Little A was full of tears as she could not remember either of our numbers, when other kids were trying to tell the data and collect their bags. V, who could not see the little girl in tears called out to me to get the little one down, but I wanted her to give another try by telling the landline number, which she very bravely obliged to. I was quiet moved by how sensitive the little one is and hope she overcomes it soon 😦

‘Abba’ Moment:

I had planned to finish ‘Ajaya’ by Anand Neelakantan over the weekend, but the extent of negativity shown towards non-kauravas is making my pace much much slower and I really am not sure if am going to reach the end of the book.

‘Wow’ Moment:

We had been to Shilparamam to watch the dance performances by V’s cousin and her group, almost all of them of the age of 13-16 yrs. They rendered a splendid performance and the amount of time and effort put in by the girls and the parents is commendable. It was great watching them perform so many items with the same energy till the end.

Shocking Moment:

After we exited from Shilparamam, I was trying to tell FIL to go forward and take a U-turn to go home, as he was not very familiar with the routes.
To this A says, “Thatha, if you go straight, we all will be going to Kondapur”.
Looking at the shocked expression on my face as A is totally unaware of these places or routes, she says “Are you shocked Amma, I just saw the name and direction on the board and told Thata about that !”

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