Bake, Bake and Bake!

V’s sis has been experimenting with baking all sorts of stuff for the last couple of days, and the end result is that we get to eat loads of delicious goodies!

A is super excited about the entire process of pushing her atta to shop the ingredients, giving multiple gentle reminders that slowly turn into high commands if delayed, moving behind her with all the cutlery while beating / mixing up, pestering her atta to let her put her hand into everything, bombarding with never-ever heard questions, not-so patiently waiting for the oven to shout of being done, reluctant waiting to get it cool down, excitedly arranging the end products to be photographed, savouring every bit of it with the two feet almost high in the air and then serving them to everyone in the family with an expression  of a proud baker!

A quick peek into couple of the pictures:


A healthier version of muffins, wheat flour and jam replacing white flour and sugar !


Layers of cake glued with chocolate and topped with instant whipping cream for FIL’s birthday !

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