Food Mela

Dinners at home usually comprise rice, curry, dal and curd. At times, roti replaces rice. But there could also be times when none of the above is a part of the dinner. And that just does not mean that idli, dosa, upma, blah-blah become the items at dinner.

Coming to the point of what’s at dinner rather than listing what’s not at dinner, the trip to a clothing store by V and FIL got us more of food and less of clothes ! The store was near General Bazaar, which has got innumerable variety of lip-smacking street food which will make you want to buy and eat everything you see, alas we have got a stomach that has got upper-bounds 😦
You will find bandi after bandi, all lined up to serve you scrumptious items like jalebi, bajji, bhel-puri, pani-puri, papdi chat, samosa ragda, cutlet ragda, sandwiches, sweets and what not !

And the dinner what we had precisely was

bajji stuffed with aloo curry

punukulu that vanish in your mouth in a single bite

mouth-watering jalebi

crispy crunchy aloo-toast

delicious sandwich

and Petha sweet, which I was too busy eating all the items, to capture a photo of!

Dinners are supposed to have a deviation from the routine at times, what say !

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