Real pleasure!

We keep visiting malls good number of times, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with couple of friends, and sometimes with lots of friends.

We walk along all the branded shops for clothing, footwear, accessories and what-not, paying no attention at times, having a glance at them from a distance at times, going in and scanning all the price tags and coming out with a shocked, unbelievable state of mind at times, and actually trying them out and buying at times.

We shop at these places, but our hands have never been loaded with so many bags that carrying gets tough.

We like the products here, but we never had the urge to own everything we come across.

We respect the brands, but we could never understand the value for some of them, if not all !

And then there are these places like General Bazaar at Hyderabad, where the roads are filled with shops displaying every possible item in the world, showcasing products with decent quality, all bright colours catching your eye from everywhere,  people of all ages walking with loads of bags, and all at very reasonable prices, luring you into buying items that you hadn’t even planned for !

This place gives us the real pleasure of shopping, the bags and hearts are always full at the end with not so big blow on the wallet!  We just can’t stop loving you, our dear General Bazaar 🙂

This is what we got, the real pleasure, when we had an impromptu shopping time last Sunday !

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