Total Randomness!

Wanting to post something desperate but not knowing what to, has made me come up with this post of total randomness πŸ™‚

# Winter is at its peak in Hyderabad, can’t think of losing this coziness in less than a month, although getting up everyday seems to be an next to impossible task

# Heard of an upcoming Flea Market at Hyderabad, may or may not visit it?

# A’s dental checkup at school reminded me of her cavities that ought to be filled up :(, and I had been postponing it for months 😦

# Started reading Christmas Train and found it good so far, thanks to TGND, the reason that I picked up the book

# A is making me read to her two telugu short stories every night, and is finding them very funny,
Book courtesy : A’s grand parents got it from the Book Exhibition, and the additional attraction to this is that this particular book is titled A’s pet name

# Inspite of innumerable trails, couldn’t solve the snake cube puzzle and is making me want to break it into pieces :@

# A’s winter vacation starts tomorrow and lasts till 16th of Jan, can’t be bigger πŸ™‚

# A’s term exams commence on the day the school re-opens after the break 😦 mommy, think of some fool-proof strategy that makes A not forget her basics!

# Saturday was a big gathering of V’s friends with families, most of them meeting each other after a gap of over 10 years!

# The money collection for organizing the New Year Party at the apartment premises has begun, signs that the big day is getting closer

# My Niece took part in a dance in her School Annual Day, but refused to move her muscles even a little πŸ™‚

# Met a cousin this afternoon, at the most unexpected time and place, he landed up at the office opposite my workplace from Chennai, a pleasant surprise of the day!

So how have you been everyone?

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